Monday, December 16, 2013

Around England

Here are 2 of some semi recent pics I took in Liverpool and Brighton England.  Both taken with a Yashica 124g.


Ruby Beach Washington State

This was taken the last time I visited my family in Washington State.

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I try to go to Paris at least once a year.  The city seems very familiar to me, like I was once a resident there in another life.  Here are some of my favourites from the place I like to call as second home:


The Mediterranean

So in May of this year, I went on an all expense paid Scentsy trip on a cruise around the Mediterranean.  We visited Barcelona which I ADORED, the French Riviera, Pisa, Florence and Rome.  I've travelled quite a bit in my little life and this trip was in my top favourite trips EVER.  I took quite a lot of pics which the full thing can be found on the blog portion of my Scentsy site (search for 2013 Incentive Trip) but I wanted to share with you my FAVOURITE pics here.   I started this separate blog from my personal blog, separate from my Scentsy blog.....just to showcase my FAVOURITE pics of my work.  Some of my pics may cross over on to my personal blog and vice versa , but you will only see pics here that are my absolute top favourites.   I am not a professional photographer (Yet) by no means but the title 'Christine Jolley Photography' seemed like the easiest way to title this little blog.  Any of my blog posts you'll see at the end of my post (Order prints) can pick any of the prints you like of mine to order.  Right now this ordering stuff will just be to help me save for  film and a new Rolleiflex 2.8f camera amongst others on my dream list (Gosh I love film but that's another story) but we shall see where this little blog goes. 

So.......These pics are a mixture of Canon 550d and Yashica Mat 124g with mostly Kodak Portra film.  I'm sure you'll be able to spot the film ones in a heart beat. :)